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Training Workshops

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We offer in-person and online training workshops tailored to your community.


Topics can include:

  • What is abuse?

  • How does God view abuse and divorce?

  • How to respond to a report of abuse

  • How to support a victim

  • How to deal with an abuser

  • Plus many more!



For more information:

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Fred, She Learns (Uganda)

Shepherd My Sheep has made a difference in our ministry work in Uganda. Thanks to the training, young girls are more aware of domestic violence and warning signs of wolves who show up in sheep's clothing.

Washing Dishes

Mai, Abundant Life Ministries (Malawi)

I was about to divorce my husband because he had another woman who gave us a hard time. After attending the training, he changed and stop seeing her. I've also become a more responsible and helpful wife. Thank you for teaching us - may it continue. 

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