Training Workshops


We offer trainings in-person (COVID Compliant) and Zoom Workshops tailored to your community.  Topics covered include:

What is abuse?

How does the God see abuse?

How does God see divorce, in light of abuse?

How to respond to a report of abuse

How to support an abuse victim

What to say/ not so say to an abuse victim

How to respond to an abuser

And so much more.

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Anonymous Survivor of DV

Shepherd My Sheep is a ministry that has made a difference in our ministry work in Uganda. Through the teachings to the young girls many have become aware about domestic violence and have been alerted to signs which help them discover when a wolf shows up in sheep's clothing. 

" I was about to divorce my husband, he used to have another woman who was always giving us some hard times in our home, when we started attending these trainings he has changed a lot, he no longer sees that woman and i also have become a more responsible and helpful woman to him, thank you for these trainings, may you continue teaching us"