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NO! It's not her fault!

Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women

Over 90% of Domestic Violence cases have female victims and male abusers

Just 1% of abusers change their behavior, even after therapy.

Domestic violence is NOT a marital problem. It is a power and control issue of a male abuser over a female victim, that typically escalates over time.

More often that not, women do not even realize the relationship is abusive because they experience life in a fog of confusion. This can be exacerbated by church leaders or families who may use scripture inappropriately, to get them to stay. But, staying or leaving without an adequate safety plan puts her life at risk.

Family members, friends, and church family are often the first people to whom victims reach out. It is VITAL that these support persons are properly educated in abuse and how to support and protect a victim. If you know nothing else, "Do no harm!"and "Believe her!"

Shepherd My Sheep Domestic Violence Ministries' role is to educate as many people as it can in a wise, loving, and Biblically-sound approach to domestic violence.

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