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Protect the Sheep...not the Wolf!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Jesus didn't gather the Pharisees to him but the prostitutes, the poor, the who will you support?

Who should Jesus-followers follow? Jesus, of course. But many churches seem to think followers should follow them and wives should follow husbands. Pastors and indeed many Christians have turned themselves into gods and marriage into an idol. Rather than the sweet smell of the Fruits of the Spirit, does this not reek of the Pharisees and the Law? Of paganism and Satan’s works? Do you see the problem here?

Jesus-followers are not meant to follow Christians. Jesus said “Follow me!” So pastors, fellow Jesus-followers let us follow Him and lead others to Him IN LOVE, BY LOVE, and THROUGH LOVE. If a victim comes to you with tales of abuse and confusion. Believe her. Love her. Protect her. Seek out her husband and do not be taken in by his works of Satan. We all know Satan is a master manipulator. That is what abusers are too. Would Jesus want His sisters married to a child of Satan? Of course he wouldn’t. He would tell the victim and the church to remove that abuser from their lives and the church.

But they are Christians, you say? We must bring them back to God. No. They likely are not Christians or Jesus-followers. A man who continuously subjects his wife to abuse is most definitely not loving her. He has broken his covenant with Jesus and indeed with his wife.

Any education and healing of the abuser is in God’s hands, if that is His will. “Healing”, loving, and supporting a son of the world is NOT your job. Healing, loving and supporting the victim who IS a Jesus-follower IS your job.

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