Who We Are

Heather K

Founder & Executive Director 

Lead Trainer and Certified Advocate

Heather is the founder of Shepherd My Sheep Domestic Violence Ministries - a registered charity based in Southern British Columbia, Canada. She was called to this work through her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence and spiritual abuse. As a certified advocate, she has walked alongside many women leaving abusive relationships, offering encouragement at every step of their journey.


Heather is also a certified teacher with a BA and a graduate of Regent College who has taught abroad. She saw a vital need for education on domestic violence and abuse in community groups worldwide and founded Shepherd My Sheep with this in mind. Heather designs the curriculum and conducts training workshops in North America and overseas, including in developing countries. She writes for the blog and social media and is regularly invited to preach and present for various non-profits. Heather also leads spiritual processing groups, bible study groups and faith-based book clubs.


Heather loves to travel and has lived and worked in Mexico and California. She is fluent in Spanish and French and enjoys spending her spare time with her family, gardening and genealogy.


Kath G

Certified Advocate & Board Member

Kath is a homeschooling mum of two girls, as well as a survivor and certified advocate. She aspires to provide compassionate, trauma-informed support for other survivors leaving abusive relationships. Kath holds a master's degree and hopes to use her experience in teaching/educating to help lead training workshops for Shepherd My Sheep. As well as spending time with her daughters, Kath loves to create art, read and enjoy puzzles. She also participates in spiritual processing groups, book clubs and somatic-based trauma therapy.  


Barbara M

Board Member


Barbara is a recent graduate of Regent College and is currently studying for a master's in linguistics, emphasizing Cultural Intelligence and Acquisition. She hopes to work with teenagers and women in at-risk situations. She aspires to help people understand and navigate all cultural nuances around us, whether on a micro-level (family culture) or a macro level (country and ethnicity). Barbara loves to take her boy out to enjoy nature. in her spare time. She also likes to read fiction with her husband and play the ukelele for her boy.


Jadine C

Board Member

Jadine has served in many ministries and boards throughout her spiritual and professional life. She was on the Elders Board at Tenth Church, the VP of Finance for the BC Dietitian Association, and the Board of Directors with the Eating Disorders Association of Canada. Jadine has worked as a registered dietitian for over 30 years and completed her Master's in Human Nutrition at the University of British Columbia in 2003. She has published and presented at national and international conferences in the area of eating disorders. She was the President of the Eating Disorders Association of Canada and Chaired the National Eating Disorders Conference in 2014. Currently, Jadine works as a dietitian at BC Children's and Women's Hospital in Mental Health. She is passionate about caring for and supporting those in need.